seDURST featured in Archinect's "Travel Series".  Check out our company's go-to spots at the link below.

No two people, let alone architects, perceive even the most frequented cities in the same way. How do designers experience their cities as locals? Archinect got in touch with Scott Durst, owner of Chicago-based seDURST, who shared a snappy list of go-to places where he likes to spend his “spiritual off-time” around the city.

Oh, Chicago: Home to nearly 3 million people and, of course, the great abundance of landmarks that draw in some 40 million visitors every year. Moving forward from its rich architectural history, the city will host the very first Chicago Architecture Biennial: The State of the Art of Architecture, starting October 3. So whether you’re planning your first or your 10th voyage to the Windy City, give Scott Durst’s suggestions a whirl. You might discover something new.